Introducing, "Mountaineer Minute"

Introducing, "Mountaineer Minute"

Mountaineer athletics continues to strive to bring you excellent coverage of our BC sports and studnet-athletes.  To that end, we welcome our newest addition, a fun, behind the scenes way to learn about your favorite Mountaineers!

We are pleased to introduce to you the Mountaineer Minute - BC Athletics’ very own talk show. The first half of the show details the efforts of a certain student-athlete, who joins student host Nate Metz to talk about their current or upcoming season, their season expectations, team comradery, and future plans.

The second half of the show is where you get a more personal side of these student-athletes, as they are tried with a dizzying array of questions during the Mountaineer Minute. These questions are meant to be fun, ranging from favorite pizza topping to their favorite in-game memory. We hope that the Mountaineer Spotlight can shine a light on the positive influence that our athletes have both on and off the playing field.

For starters, we spotlight men’s basketball forward London Moore and the baseball catcher Ryan Akins. The links to each show will be available on the Berea Athletics webpage, Facebook page, Twitter and our YouTube page.  Enjoy!

Mountaineer Minute - London Moore

Mountaineer Minute - Ryan Akins