Student Athlete Advisory Committee

Student Athlete Advisory Committee

The mission of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is to provide a means of communication between Berea College student-athletes and the administration of the Athletic Department.  The intention of this collaboration is to enhance the student-athlete experience on our campus and to protect both the health and well-being of all student-athletes at Berea.

To accomplish this mission, the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) was created in the fall of 2013 to achieve the following purposes:
  1. To promote communication amongst athletic department personnel, faculty, college administration and student-athletes.
  2. To promote an understanding of the needs of Berea College student-athletes within the campus community, the conference and our national association.
  3. To solicit the input of student-athletes regarding proposed campus, conference and national legislation that has an effect on the student-athlete experience.
  4. To actively promote Berea College athletics to the campus community.
  5. To create an avenue for student-athlete representation on campus-wide committees that discuss issues pertinent to student-athlete well-being both academically and athletically.
The Berea College SAAC will serve as a vehicle for addressing and discussing concerns and issues facing student-athletes.  The committee shall represent all student-athletes who participate in intercollegiate athletics.  In addition, the committee will promote and celebrate the achievements of our student-athletes.


2018-19 SAAC Executive Board

Katherine Gonterman, President 

Bethany Williams, Vice President 

Ivanna Sabino, Secretary 


2018-19 SAAC Representatives

Griffen Norris, Baseball

TBA, Men's Basketball

Bethany Williams, Women's Basketball

Landon Bond, Men's Cross Country

Ivanna Sabino, Women's Cross Country

Michael Akard, Golf

Dorian Del Toro, Men's Soccer

Amber Frolin, Women's Soccer

TBA, Men's Tennis

Ashley Ferrell, Women's Tennis

Corey Carroll, Men's Track and Field

Kaylee Robinson, Women's Track and Field

TBA, Softball

Katherine Gonterman, Volleyball

Kenna Morris, Cheerleading


SAAC Advisor

Kevin Kim, Coordinator of Athletic Events and Sports Information