SAAC Senior Highlight: My Berea Story, Austin Glasgow

SAAC Senior Highlight: My Berea Story, Austin Glasgow

"My name is Austin Glasgow and I am a senior basketball player that has been a part of the SAAC for 2-years. Before attending Berea College, I never heard of Berea, Kentucky or Berea College. Berea College was only 2 hours away from where I grew up and lived all my life. However, I did not hear of the college until I had a phone call from a brother who was planning to transferring colleges. When I first heard of Berea, I was 18 years old and was at a 1-year prep school in North Carolina for high school graduates. The school I was at in North Carolina was far from what most people think about when you hear prep school. It was far from an uppity or luxurious school. My brother called me and told me about Berea College. He was thinking about attending and playing basketball there. He told me they would be interested in me too and it would be a chance for us to play ball together again like in high school. So I looked into the college and the next thing I knew I was talking to assistant basketball coach Rudy Evans about my future as a student-athlete at Berea College.

The more I learned about the college the more the fit was perfect for me. Obviously, the financial aspects of Berea College helped my decision but that was not the only reason. It was a chance to go to a college that shared the same values as me. It was a school that valued academics.  I knew a degree from this school would hold real value when it was time for me go into the real world. I chose Berea because it was a school that not only valued academics but also athletics. But most importantly I knew Berea would challenge me academically and in the court. And knowing that Berea College was transitioning to NCAA Division III, it gave me an opportunity to play a sport I love at a competitive level while playing with my brother again.



The experience I had as a DIII student athlete at Berea College is one that will always be special to me. The relationships and bonds I was able to build with my teammates are some bonds that I will have for the rest of my life. The memories I have from being able to play the game I love, while representing a college I came to love are memories that I will never forget.

My future plans are to complete my student teaching next fall and to graduate in December of 2019. After graduation I plan to move back to Tennessee and look for teaching jobs. I plan to teach and coach back in my hometown. Then my goal is to get my masters and move into administration."


-Austin Glasgow (AG)