Mountaineers Finish Strong to End Fall Campaign

Mountaineers Finish Strong to End Fall Campaign


Berea College: 326, 310: 636

T11 Jeremiah Bolon: 76, 76: 152

18 Peyton Browning: 81, 74: 155

T28 Evan King: 85, 80: 165

T30 Michael Akard: 84, 82: 166

36 Isaiah Bolon: 92, 82: 172

TEAM: T-5 out of 9


1st day

Berea Mountaineers Golf Team traveled down to Maryville, Tennessee to take on a two day tournament at The Maryville Fall Invite. The first day started slow again for the Mountaineers.. They had a team score of 326 with scores of 76, 81, 84, 85, and 92.  The 76 was shot by Freshman Jeremiah Bolon, which was his career low, then followed an 81 by Peyton Browning, and an 84 by Michael Akard. The team was rounded out by freshman Evan King's 85, and freshman Isaiah Bolon's 92.

Second day

The second day showed the potential of this young team, as they posted a team score of 310, which flirted with the school record of 306. Most importantly everyone improved on the second day. The team was led by Peyton Browning's 74, Jeremiah Bolon's 76, Evan King's 80, and rounded out by Isaiah Bolon and Michael Akard both posting an 82. The team ended the season strong and hope to carry this momentum forward.

This tournament was the conclusion of the fall season for the Berea College Golf Team and they will begin their quest to reach the USA South Conference Tournament in the spring.