Berea Post Lowest Score of the Season

Berea Post Lowest Score of the Season

By: Michael Akard, Sports Information Assistant 



8th Berea College 325, 319; 644

T28th Dong Soo Lee 75, 80; 155

T39th Isaiah Bolon 79, 79; 158

T45th Michael Akard 82, 79; 161

63rd Jeremiah Bolon 89, 81; 170

76th TR Nolen 96, 103; 199


1st day

The 1st day had some up some downs for the Berea College Mountaineers golf team. Freshman Dong Soo Lee posted a career best of 75. Isaiah Bolon has been Berea's most consistent golfer all year and posted another score in the 70's with a 79. It was a "grind-it-out day" for both Junior and Sophomore Michael Akard and Jeremiah Bolon, posting scores of 82 and 89 respectively. Freshman TR Nolen struggled in his debut on the tournament squad posting a 96. 

2nd Day

The second day was a better one for the Mountaineers golf team. Lee had a tougher day with an 80, but I. Bolon posted another 79. Both M. Akard and J. Bolon both improved to help their team on the second day with Akard also posting 79, and J. Bolon improving 8 shots with an 81. Overall, it was a six shot differential for the team from the first day to the second.

This was the lowest score for the Mountaineers this year, and the lowest tournament score for the Mountaineers since the 2017-18 season.

Mountaineers look to make another step forward next weekend, when they tee it up in Danville, Kentucky on the October 5-6.