Berea Wins 4-OT Thriller

Berea Wins 4-OT Thriller

Austin Dunn, Staff Writer

Kevin Kim, Editor 



Score: Berea 106, Kentucky Christian University 97

Records: Berea (20-4, 14-1) Kentucky Christian University (7-21, 0-0)

Berea, KY- The Berea Mountaineers and Kentucky Christian University were in a battle from the very start of the game.  The score was KCU 19, Berea 17 at the end of the first quarter. Freshman guard Bailee Vanover scored 9 points for the Mountaineers while Holt and Foster of KCU combined for 15 points during the first quarter. 

The second quarter is where Berea took the lead.  Berea scored 24 points mostly from the superb play of the reserve players, as they scored 15 of the 24 points off the bench.  Contributing to the score was the excellent play of Isis Hill who had 1 block and 3 rebounds.  At half time, the score was Berea 41 and KCU 33.

The third quarter started strong for KCU.  The starting five combined to score 17 points while Berea only scored 13.  Vanover led the scorers for Berea with 7.  Berea worked hard to rebound the ball during this quarter along with stealing the ball, creating turnovers but neither teams were making three pointers. 

The spirits of the KCU players were high at the start of the fourth quarter.  Berea College was struggling to obtain rebounds and hold on to the basketball.  As the clock was ticking down, it looked as if either team could win, but at the buzzer, the game ended in a tie.

It would take four overtimes to decide the winner of the game. The first overtime would end with each team scoring 5 points.  The second overtime would end with each team scoring 9 points with Berea having more time of possession. However, KCU was out rebounding the Mountaineers.  The third overtime would end in each team scoring 8 points but Berea started gaining momentum towards the end of the OT period.  It seemed as though the Mountaineers were getting a second wind.  As the fourth overtime started, one could tell that both teams were exhausted.  However, Junior Guard Kristen Barnes stepped up, as she scored six of the thirteen points to carry the Mountaineers to the win.

The game ended with Berea scoring 106 and Kentucky Christian University scoring 96.  Both teams battled very hard but ultimately, Berea held KCU off by determination and team-work.  Bailee Vanover for Berea scored 24 points while Isis Hill brought down 14 rebounds.  Berea had great play from their bench as the reserves scored 38 of the 106 points.

Berea College women's basketball will be back in action tomorrow February 9th at 4:00 pm. This will also be senior day for the program as well.