Mountaineers Shut Out the Mighty Oaks

Mountaineers Shut Out the Mighty Oaks

Sandi McMullin, Sports Information Assistant



Score: Berea 2, Oakland City 0

Records: Berea 3-13, Oakland City 3-7-1


Berea, KY- The Mountaineers hosted Oakland City University on Wednesday, October 16. Both teams competed to bring home a win. Berea came out on top, winning 2-0 against Oakland City.

In the first half, Berea shut down Oakland City's offense, not allowing them spend much time in the offensive zone. They kept pushing the ball and took every opportunity that they were given to try and score against their opponents. In order to keep up this intensity, the Mountaineers defense prevented any chances of scoring for the Mighty Oaks. The Mountaineers offense also put on an intense amount of pressure on Oakland City's defense. All of Berea's hard work paid off at the 35:17 minute mark when Bailee Vanover scored the first goal for the team. Soon after the first goal, at the 36:05 minute mark, Bailee Vanover scored once again with an assist from Sierra Massucco. The half ended before the Mighty Oaks had a chance to lessen the lead, and Berea was up 2-0 going into the second half.

In the second half, the Mountaineers kept up the same style of play and did not allow the Mighty Oaks any chances of catching up to them. Berea took every chance they had to try and extend their lead but they were unable to. However, no matter how hard their opponents tried they were unable to score against Berea. Neither team let up for the remainder of the half, and ended in a home win for the Mountaineers 2-0.


Berea's Jade Fulkerson had 3 saves, and Oakland City's Jillian Beem had 9.

Berea had 24 shots versus Oakland City's 5, and Berea had a 9-2 advantage on corner kicks.


Up next, the Mountaineers will host Brevard on Saturday, October 19 at 1pm for a conference game and senior night.