Mountaineers Edge Patriots at Home

Mountaineers Edge Patriots at Home

Berea, KY - The Berea College women's tennis team was at home this week taking on the St. Catharine College Patriots.  St. Catharine only traveled with five players therefore 6 seed singles and 3 seed doubles were defaults.  Berea walked away with a 5-1 win, the match was called after Berea clinched the 5th team point

This win brought the Mountaineers to 3-5 for the year so far.  Berea started off strong in doubles play with Moyers/Witt picking up a quick 8-0 win over Esteban/Porras.  Doubles team Crawford/Bedolla also were able to grab a 8-5 win over Burdette/Pigman. Cheyenne Guin played a great singles match and in a two hour effort Cheyenne fell short and lost a very tough match.  Taylor Moyers clinched the 5th team point in 1 seed singles defeating Sofia Esteban 6-1 and 6-4.  Due to time constraints coaches agreed to stop other matches still in progress after Berea clinched the team match.

"We picked up another good win Tuesday night. It was a little tricky going into the match. Even with SCC only having 5 players," said Coach Montgomery.  "Cheyenne Guin played a great match lasting over 2 hours. Even though Cheyenne didn't get the end result that she wanted, I believe she learned some very valuable lessons and will be a better player because of it."



Taylor Moyers (BC) def Sofia Esteban (SCC) 6-1, 6-4

Christine Crawford (BC) leading Iris Porras (SCC) 6-1, 2-0

Anna Burdette (SCC) leading Kristol Witt (BC) 6-3, 3-0

Erin Pigman (SCC) leading Ashley Logan (BC) 6-0, 2-3

Lydia Tackett (SCC) def Cheyenne Guin (BC) 2-6, 7-6(5), 1-0(8)

SCC defaulted 6 seed singles 



Moyers/Witt (BC) def Esteban/Porras (SCC) 8-0

Crawford/Bedolla (BC) def Burdette/Pigman (SCC) 8-5

SCC defaulted 3 seed doubles