Berea Loses to Pikeville on Senior Night

Berea Loses to Pikeville on Senior Night

Score: Pikeville 9, Berea College 0

Records: Berea College 0-6 (0-4 USA South), University of Pikeville 5-1


The Berea College Mountaineers hosted in-state opponent University of Pikeville at the Wilson Evans Tennis Complex for senior night.

In doubles, The Mountaineers lost all the matches. #1 doubles, Agnes Dotse and Jaden Johnson lost their match 8-0 to the pair of Andrea Hurtado and Charlie Nijenhuis. #2 doubles, Erin Goodpaster and Emma Lee Nelson lost their match 8-0 to Camila Agudelo and Riley Mullins. #3 doubles Elle Garcia and Sharon Ngassa lost their match 8-0 to Ashton Jones and Sahoka Nagai.


In singles, the Mountaineers also struggled, losing all of their matches. Senior Erin Goodpaster lost her match 6-1 and 6-0 to Andrea Hurtado. Jaden Johnson won 3 sets in her match, but eventually lost 6-1 and 6-2.


The Mountaineers will be back in action Saturday March 30th travelling down to Piedmont College.